Multi-Grammy winner Arturo O'Farrill records an album that includes over 50 artists, 30 songs, and involved 5 recording sessions. The music features Hamilton's Mandy Gonzalez, Regina Carter, Antonio Sanchez, Villalobos Brothers, Rahim AlHaj Trio, Sahba Motallebi, Rafa Sardina, and son jarocho icons Patricio Hidalgo, Ramon Gutierrez Hernandez, Jorge Francisco Castillo, and more! Learn more


Multi-Grammy-winning producer and New York Times best-selling author Kabir Sehgal examines the relationship between the US and Mexico, an extended foreword from historian Douglas Brinkley, and an afterword by Ambassador Andrew Young. Learn more


We're in the midst of creating a full length feature documentary about the project. The EMMY-Award winning film team captured the son jarocho musicians in their native Veracruz, Mexico, the music recording at the border wall, and also the music sessions in New York. Learn more

Tearing Down Walls

This project tears down 3 walls:
(1) Physical walls - Recorded musicians on both sides of the San Diego and Tijuana border
(2) Musical walls - Featured special guests from different musical traditions such as jazz, classical, Broadway, hip hop, san jarocho
(3) Recording walls - Recorded both outside in the live environment and also in a recording studio

This project has 3 formats:
(1) Album was recorded across 5 sessions
(2) Book on United States-Mexico relations
(3) Film that will feature son jarocho artists